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Showgrounds Veterinary Clinic

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Showgrounds Vet Clinic is a well established, high volume, small animal practice - primarily pets and guardians - with some equine, and exotics from various wildlife rescue organizations.

Lots of "exotic" diseases here to see - tick fevers, TVT, spitting cobra injuries, and toxic reptile poisoning just to name a few, plus all the usual trauma, infections, viruses, and routine work of an American clinic. Parvo and distemper are common here, and rabies is endemic in Zambia. Malnutrition is frequent and flea/tick counseling is a daily responsibility. Tick fevers lead to frequent blood transfusions, and we hospitalize a lot of patients. We do lots of surgery and are something of a referral center for the country of Zambia. Although we are in a developing nation, we do NOT shortcut or shotgun our treatments, and our clientele has come to expect us to deliver first world care to the extent that available technology allows.

We work closely with the University of Zambia Veterinary College. We also provide veterinary services for the Lusaka Animal Welfare society and do monthly free rabies vaccination campaigns in the local "compounds" (poor communities).

Zambia is in the heart of the best safari environment in the world! We are also home to Victoria Falls - the widest waterfall in the world. There are several subspecies of birds and animals found only in Zambia - including the Thornicroft's giraffe. We encourage visitors to take advantage of this unique opportunity to experience the African bush during their stay and can help them to get "local rates" for special outings.


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

There is one full time and one part time veterinarian on staff, plus about 1 dozen well trained, English-speaking support staff. We have several referral veterinary surgeons that visit as needed.

Despite our developing-nation setting, we are fully equipped with radiology, ultrasound, gas anesthesia, ECG, an ultrasonic dental scaler, and both in-house and university lab facilities. We also have a referral ultrasonographer available at the University. We also have a Zambian clinical pathologist who visits as needed. This is a place to expand your skills at testing and procedures normally referred away back in the states!

Educational Resources

We have an up-to-date library in house and are devoted VIN members! We ask the students to pick one of the cases presented to clinic for research and presentation back to our staff at the conclusion of their experience. Due to the limited range of referral veterinarians, we do a lot of online research and there's a daily opportunity to consult via VIN.


Students are asked to participate to whatever level their training permits. We ask them to be hands-on - they'll be taught to install catheters, deliver treatments, restrain animals for others, assist in radiology, and if skill level permits they'll be allowed to scrub in for surgery.

We see a lot of trauma and students will get experience in extensive wound management. They're asked to do twice daily exams of hospitalized animals and the appropriate records keeping. They'll also do blood smears, cytology and probably physical therapy. We encourage them to examine as many of our in- and out-patients as possible, owner and animal permitting.

We are fairly demanding of our volunteers - we are smokin' busy from 8:00 a.m. until 6:30 or 7:00 pm, 5 days a week, and are also open Saturdays and Sundays until about 2-3:00 pm. We expect them to arrive on time and stay until close. There is little time for standing around relaxing! Although we believe that the only stupid question is the one you DIDN'T ask, we expect rapid uptake of our routine, jumping in and helping - not waiting for instructions; problem solving, multi-tasking and team working abilities are a must.

Student Supervision

We ask that students be prepared to stay the full day that we are at work, in order to get the full experience our clinic has to offer. We're open 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and often stay past closing to finish treatments and charting. This means 40+ hours per week. There is full time access to both veterinarians and to well trained, experienced support staff.


Yes - we provide room and board in the home of one of the two veterinarians as well as transport to and from clinic.

Practice Information

Showgrounds Veterinary Clinic
Inside Showgrounds off Great East Rd.
Lusaka, Zambia (in the heart of Southern Africa)

Ph: +260-211-253-030
Fax: none


Updated: 9/15/09
Signature on file: Dr. Julia Hoag and Dr. Liza Oparaoacha

Lusaka, Zambia (So. Africa)
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