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Turtle Survival Alliance's Turtle Survival Center

Husbandry & breeding of some of the world's most critically endangered turtles.
Turtle Survival Center is a husbandry and breeding center for some of
the worlds most critically endangered turtles, mostly Asian species. The
Center is at its very beginning stages, which includes veterinary
processing and quarantine of the hundreds of animals being accessioned
this summer. The student will assist with these activities, as well as
husbandry of captive turtles. We are very interested in assigning the
student to help establish quarantine testing protocols, parasite
treatment, and disinfection protocols. We will also plan to trap native
species on the property for health screening, and possibly research.
Pending funding, we hope to do sampling of the native herptofauna to
test for Ranavirus, which can spread to our very important captive
animals through the environment. Any samples taken during the student's
visit will be used as a teaching tool for both sampling techniques and
sample handling and processing, including parasitology and hematology
veterinary advisory group for the TSC boasts 5 of the most prominent
zoo vets in the country, who are available by phone and email at all
times. They represent Wildlife Conservation Society, Bronx Zoo, New
England Aquarium, Riverbanks Zoo, Houston Zoo, South Carolina Aquarium
and Zoo Atlanta. They are Bonnie Raphael, Charles Innis, Keith Benson,
Joe Flannagan, Shane Boylan, and Sam Rivera. Several of these vets are
board certified in zoological medicine. Doctors Benson and Boylan are
licensed in the state of SC, and can commute to the TSC property as
needed, as well as have animals brought to them for diagnostics and
care. The most specialized and renowned turtle biologists around the
world are also constantly available to us for consultation.
have a full library of scientific reptile journals including the
Journal of Herpetological Medicine and Surgery, and many other
scientific publications. The staff lives on sight, and all of our
life-long collections of books on veterinary medicine, natural history,
and biology are available for guests in our conference room.
student will participate in animal husbandry as needed, as well as
sample collection and handling for quarantine needs. The student will be
assigned projects including development of quarantine and biosecurity
protocols, and the option to develop a research project with native
fauna on grounds.
supervision will be provided by the RVT. Both student and supervisor
will live on grounds, giving 24-7 access. The Veterinary Advisory team
is available to be contacted at all times. The RVT has many years
supervising Ohio State veterinary students through previous employment
at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.
yes, on site.
The Turtle Survival Alliance's Turtle Survival Center
*Cross, SC
*This address is not published for security reasons. Some of the species housed on the property have immense black-market value.
(843)753-2159, office. (216)337-0831 cell.
Sheena L. Koeth, RVT, Veterinary Care Manager
PostedL 07/17/2013
Cross, SC
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