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University of California, Davis - VMTRC School of Veterinary Medicine (Dairy Prod)


Senior rotations in Dairy Production/Performance Medicine. Production medicine is the utilization of many facets of production, e.g. nutrition, environment, genetics, and health, into a well-managed program monitored by records. Five important areas where a veterinarian can help the dairy farm become more profitable are:

  1. Reduction of somatic cell count (SCC) through mastitis control and prevention
  2. Increase dry matter intake and milk production through nutrition and cow comfort
  3. Improve reproductive efficiency of the herd
  4. Decrease the age at first calving through heifer management programs
  5. Advise on management to improve effective labor and facilities utilization

Other areas where the veterinarian impacts the farm include disease management, on-farm food safety and environmental health management. These latter areas are important in maintaining the health of the dairy business enterprise. The learning objectives described here for the 4th year veterinary studentents in modern food animal production/performance medicine address all these areas.


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

  • 2 Food Animal clinicians with MPVM degrees (Reynolds, Bruno)
  • 3 Board-certified pathologists (Blandhard, Abaska, Moeller)
  • Jim Cullon, Director, DVM, Ph.D

Educational Resources

Access to UC Davis on-line library; veterinary journals


Promptness; professional attitude; students will palpate cows and be expected to understand reproductive programs with gestation programs, calf management, transition systems, nutrition and data management.

Student Supervision

6-10 hours/day/Monday - Friday


Housing is availabe to students; the cost is $18.00 per day.

Practice Information

James Reynolds, DVM
University of California, Davis - VMTRC
18830 Road 112
Tulare, CA 93274

Telephone: 559-688-1731
Fax: 559-686-4231


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Updated: 12/10/07

Tulare, CA
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