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University of Pennsylvania Pathology

Anatomic Pathology (and Clinical Pathology at the Philadelphia campus)
campus is split with the small animal hospital located in Philadelphia,
PA and our large animal hospital, New Bolton Center (NBC), located in
rural Chester County, PA. Both campuses have pathology rotations for
senior veterinary students.

The small animal diagnostic services rotation involves daily
autopsies on dogs, cats and exotic species, in addition to a clinical
pathology component (cytology, hematology, biochemistry). The large
animal pathology service is also a part of the Pennsylvania Animal
Diagnostic Laboratory system and performs autopsies on horses,
ruminants, marine mammals, and local zoo animals.

The externships are designed for non-University of Pennsylvania
students with an interest in pathology as a career in their last year of
veterinary school. Please contact Dr. Melissa Sanchez
( for more information. Upon approval, students
must apply through the Associate Dean’s office.

have an Anatomic and Clinical Pathology training program with a total
of 7 residents (1 Clinical Pathology, 6 Anatomic Pathology). Six
faculty/staff are currently at the Philadelphia campus and three
faculty/staff at the New Bolton Center campus.
will have online access to our course website with all course
materials, including common postmortem lesions in animals and guidelines
to perform an autopsy, clinical pathology exercises accompanied by
slides (cytology and hematology), and parasitology. Access to our
Pathology library is also granted, and participation in our multiple
weekly pathology rounds is encouraged.
the small animal rotation, students are expected to perform complete
autopsies and generate reports, complete cases and exercises (clinical
pathology, biopsy, parasitology, microbiology), and complete a short
pathology presentation and paper. During the large animal pathology
rotation students are expected to perform complete autopsies and
generate reports, in addition to participating in rounds.
will have access to Anatomic and Clinical Pathology residents and
faculty at least 8-9 hours per day, 5 days a week (Monday thru Friday).
Saturday clinical service is on call.
University of Pennsylvania
University of Pennsylvania

School of Veterinary Medicine

Room 4005, MJR-VHUP

3850 Spruce St.

Philadelphia, PA 19104
Dr. Melissa Sanchez
Posted: 4/17/14
Philadelphia, PA
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