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Student will visit the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) for a 2 week period during her/his 4th Year Senior rotations. This is a hands-on, non-clinical experience.
Student will learn about how the FDA as a whole and CVM promote and protect human and animal health. Student will interact with veterinarians, animal scientists, and other scientists during her/his time at CVM. Student will be able to participate in various meetings with CVM employees and will learn the various functions of CVM. Student will learn what role veterinarians play at CVM and how they work together as a team with other scientists in CVM to address animal health and public health issues, and how animal health issues can impact public health..
Veterinarians at CVM may or may not be board-certified. Many have board certification in areas such as equine medicine, internal medicine. Several have Masters or PhD degrees. Other non-veterinary CVM employees with whom the student will interact have Masters and PhD degrees in varying fields including chemistry, toxicology, molecular biology, animal science, pharmacology, physiology, and law. CVM does not provide post-graduate training.
CVM has the following resources available:
  • computer databases
  • continuing education courses
  • rounds/weekly update meetings
  • veterinary reference books
  • employees with scientific expertise in areas outside of veterinary medicine
Student is responsible for asking appropriate questions to further her/his understanding of the relationship between animal and public health and the role of the FDA in promoting and protecting public and animal health. Student is responsible for maintaining a professional attitude during her/his interactions with CVM employees. Other responsibilities will be determined prior to the elective among the student, the CVM mentor, Dr. Carmela Stamper, and the OSU mentor.
Because the student is a visitor to CVM, student will be supervised 8-9 hours every day by a veterinarian for the entire 2-week period visit. The CVM mentor is a veterinarian and will be available the entire time to answer questions and to escort student to meetings and appointments. Direct access to veterinarians other than the student's mentor will be limited to scheduled appointments or meetings arranged in advance due to the nature of the veterinarians' work at CVM and the fact that many will be hoteling/working off-site as of August 1st, 2013.
U.S. Food and Drug Administration Center for Veterinary Medicine
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Dr. Carmela Stamper
Posted: 07/17/2013