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Public Health FSIS
Student Will be exposed to veterinary responsibilities in a poultry processing establishment. Knowledge of HACCP, Sanitation Performance Standards and Sanitation SOP's in action will be gained. Humane Handling/Good Commercial Practices methods will be taught. Antemortem and Postmortem inspection techniques and pathology will be an integral part of this rotation. Depending on student interest additional experience in veal, hogs and further processing may be available. Also supervisory techniques can be added to curriculum.
Small resource library pertaining to meat hygiene and chicken pathology and disease available
Arriving on time and prepared to work in a chicken processing establishment. Student must abide by Companies Good Manufacturing Practices. These practices will be shared during the first day orientation process. Student should be willing to learn veterinary medicine techniques from a public health standpoint. Students will be expected to shadow Assigned Veterinarian as they conduct daily duties including supervisory, administrative, food safety and other consumer protection tasks
8-9 hours a day 5 days a week
USDA FSIS at Case Farms Processing
1925 30th St NE Canton, Ohio
heath [dot] williams [at] fsis [dot] usda [dot] gov
Heath Williams
Posted: 08/15/14