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Veterinary Epidemiological Studies in Bolivia & Uruguay with APHIS USDA support

Gather experience on epidemiological studies and vaccination field work in Uruguay and Bolivia

Student will work with the epidemilogical department of the Faculty of
Vet, Uruguay university, Montevideo, and with the Faculty of Vet in
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. Student will gain experience on sampling
for epidemilogical studies for brucellosis and foot and mouth disease.
Student will perform field studies and take samples, gather information,
process the information and report on this experience both in Bolivia
and Uruguay
APHIS International Services will provide in country contacts and
guidelines, as well as some transportation and contacts with local vets
to perform this study
Computers, internet connection, libraries and access to epidemilogical studies and data
Student is expected to submit a report for his/her activities in both Bolivia and Urugay to APHIS and to OSU
Armando Hoet
Vet Epidemiogical studies in Bolivia and Uruguay
US Embassy Montevideo

Lauro Muller 1776
Montevideo, Uruguay
US Phone 202 558 5293 ext 2441

Avenida Ejercito Nacional 153

Unit 3220, APO, AA 34032

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

+5913 (312) 0230
202 558 5293 ext 2441
Armando Hoet
Posted: 07/08/2013
Montevideo, Uruguay & Santa Cruz, Bolivia