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Veterinary Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Group (VOSM)

Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Group (VOSM) accepts students for
externships under the guidance of board cerftified surgeons. The
program is directed towards indivduals who have had at least one year of
veterinary school. The externship experience places a strong emphasis
on didactic clinical experience.
are able to shadow in orthopedic consultations with surgeons and
rehabilitation staff. They are also able to scrub in for surgical
procedures. Participation in surgery will be limited to assisting and
observation; however students will be expected to be familiar with
relevant anatomy. Students will assist with assessing and monitoring
patients post-surgically. Students are expected to be familiar with
post-operative pain management options as well as short term pain
management options. We hold journal club weekly to discuss current
literature and ongoing research projects. Students are expected to
16,000 square foot facility is equipped with state-of-the-art
veterinary orthopedic and rehabilitative equipment including four
operated rooms, dedicated arthroscopy suites, fluoroscopy, CFX and BFX
total hip systems, all CCL systems, all internal and external fixation
devices. We also perform neurosurgeries, have integrated limb sparing
with fiber resin prosthetics, frequently utilize custom stifle braces,
etc., and have MRI services in house. We also use an objective gait
analysis system, a canine gym, underwater treadmill and a resistance

Our staff includes two ACVS (American College of Veterinary
Surgeons) boarded surgeons, one ACVIM-Neurology (American College of
Veterinary Internal Medicine) boarded surgeons and three ACVSMR
(American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation)

and journals are accessible to the student. They are also encouraged
to participate in daily rounds. We hold Journal Club weekly to discuss
current literature and ongoing research projects. Students are
encouraged to attend.
for students will be Monday through Friday, 9am - 5pm. These hours may
be adjusted due to emergency or case load. Students should scrubs or
business casual attire with a lab coat when in consultations. Operating
room scrubs will be issued by VOSM. Cell phones should be left with
personal items or kept on vibration mode. No piercings (other than ears)
or visible tatoos are permitted.
have 6-8 veterinarians on staff daily, Monday - Friday, 8am - 6pm. The
student externs will report to our Practice Manager who is on staff
daily Monday through Friday.
Veterinary Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Group
10975 Guilford Road

Annapolis Junction, MD 20701
Dr. Sherman Canapp
Posted: 01/28/14
Annapolis Junction, MD
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