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Externship Program in Veterinary Clinical Microbiology
The Externship Program in Veterinary Clinical Microbiology is a learning experience accomplished in a period of 2 – 4 weeks and directed to veterinary students that have an interest in infectious diseases with a focus in diagnostic. The main goal of the program is to acquaint the student with the field of diagnostic on veterinary microbiology with an emphasis in bacteriology, mycology, serology and virology. Our caseload includes small animals, horses, food animals, camelids, exotic, fish and birds. Faculty, microbiology residents and high performance technicians will contribute with the experience. The student will follow cases that are processed by the WADDL; clinical history, selection of appropriated tests, result interpretation and final reports will be analyzed. In addition, the student will have the opportunity of meeting with some members of the VMP department and The Global Animal Health (Allen School) to familiarize with research programs related with immunology and infectious diseases within the College of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University. It is expected that the student will assist to the Research in Progress seminars and microbiology rounds.
The WADDL is a combined service and educational unit within a land grant university. The student will have access to a board certify (ACVM) professor and two other faculty members with a vast experience in veterinary clinical microbiological diagnostic. In addition, the participant will interact with veterinarians enrolled in the dual program of residency in veterinary microbiology and PhD. Access to board certify veterinary pathologists and residents pathologists is also available.
Access to the library and scientific databases are available. The student is expected to assist to the Research in Progress seminars (presented one per week) and to the rounds of veterinary microbiology (one per week). Students may use their own computer; otherwise there are student computer labs that can be used.
A program of activities will be given to the student the first day. The participant is expected to participate and spend time in the bacteriology, serology and virology sections. In addition, It is expected that the student will assist to the Research in Progress seminars and microbiology rounds. Presentations and discussions of assigned cases is expected during the microbiology rounds.
There is access to veterinarians related with the program, eight hours per day, five days a week. Dr. D. Diaz will be the contact person.
No, however during the summer semester Washington State University's Housing Services offers summer housing.
Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (WADDL), Washington State University
WA Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab
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WADDL: 509-335-9696
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Dubraska Diaz-Campos, DVM, PhD, Assistant Professor
Posted: 04/02/13