What is Josh Project?

The Josh Project is a program between the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Children's Miracle Network. The Josh Project was designed by Knoxville veterinarian Dr. Randy Lange to help give back to the community. Our mission is to help prepare children for surgery through compassion. This is accomplished by providing children with a kit that contains a book "I'll be OK" and stuffed animal "Josh" dog. The book discusses Josh's adventures and his own surgery. Prior to their surgery the children are given a Josh stuffed animal that remains with the children until they are asleep for surgery – and Josh is right there with them as they are waking up and recovering.

The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine's Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association is collecting donations to put towards the purchase of these Josh kits. All donations collected will go directly to the purchase of kits for the children at Columbus Children's Hospital.

Currently, most of the veterinary schools in the country are raising funds for The Josh Project – and there is a friendly competition to see which veterinary school can purchase the most Josh kits. We would be honored if your business would be a part of making The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine on top!

  • Please help by donating to the Josh Project through OSU! Donation Form

For information about the national organization, please visit: www.joshandfriends.com. Donations made to the national organization will not go directly to Ohio State's cause or to Columbus Children's Hospital.