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Dr. Li Wu's Lab

Mission of the Wu Lab Research and Training

•  Innovative and productive research

•  Enjoyable learning environment

•  Rewarding career development

Current Lab Members: 

Senior​ Research Associate (Lab Manager): Corine St. Gelais, PhD

PhD Candidates: Jenna Antonucci, BS; Zhihua Qin, MS

Postdoctoral Researchers: Serena Bonifati, PhD;  Karthik M. Kodigepalli, PhD;  Wuxun Lu, PhD;  Nagaraja Tirumuru, PhD 

Research Technologist: Sun-Hee Kim, MS

Visiting Scholar: Shuliang Chen, PhD

Recent Awards Received by the Wu Lab Staff or Trainees

Jenna Antonucci, BS,The C. Glenn Barber Fellowship (2016-2018); 

- Travel Awards at the College Research Day and Annual Symposium of Center for RNA Biology at OSU (2016);  

- Fellowship from the HHMI Med into Grad Scholar Program (2014-2015); 

Shuliang Chen, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholarship from the China Scholar Council (2016-2018);

Karthik M. Kodigepalli, PhD, - Outstanding Poster Award –basic science category at the Annual Comprehensive Cancer Center Scientific Meeting (2017); 

- Travel Award, College Research Day (2017);

Zhihua Qin, MS, Predoctoral Scholarship from the China Scholar Council (2016-2020);

Corine St. Gelais, PhD, - Outstanding Staff Service Award, College of Veterinary Medicine (2017);

- The Ohio State University Staff Career Development Grant (2017).

Link to the Li Wu laboratory Google site

Research opportunities for graduate students and rotation students are available in the Wu lab in 2017-2018.