Professional Activities


  • Member, Comprehensive Cancer Center Molecular Carcinogenesis and Chemoprentaiton Prevention Program
  • Center for Clinical & Translational Science

Professional Organizations

  • Academy of Genomic Pathology
  • American College of Veterinary Pathologists
  • American Veterinary Medical Association
  • Charles Louis Davis, DVM Foundation
  • National Association of Professional Women
  • Society of Toxicologic Pathologists

Professional Service

  • American College of Veterinary Pathologists
    • Residency Training Coordinators Committee, 2010 – present
    • Board Certification Examination Committee Proctor (2004-2005), Member (2006-2009), General and Anatomic Chairs (2009-2010)
    • Anatomic Pathology Test Plan Group, 2008-2009
    • Strategic Partnerships Task Force, 2006-2007Training Program Development Task Force, 2006-present
    • 2007-2012 Strategic Planning Work Group (Specialty Credentialing and Certifying Processes), 2005
    • Public Visibility Committee, 2003-present
    • Speakers Bureau Chair, 2003-2006
    • Student Chapter Subcommittee, Recruiting Committee, 2001-present
    • Mentoring Subcommittee, Recruiting Committee, 2004-2009
    • Natural Disease Specialty Group Committee, 2004-2005
    • Veterinary Student Poster Award Judge, Annual Meeting of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists, 2004-2005, 2008-present
    • Young Investigator Award Judge, Natural Disease, Annual Meeting of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists, 2003
  • American College of Veterinary Pathologists-Society of Toxicologic Pathologists Coalition Mouse Pathobiology Training Curriculum Organizing Committee, 2009-2010
  • Co-Chair, 2009 Comparative Models of Lymphoma and Leukemia Mini-Symposium, XXIV Symposium for International Association for Comparative Research on Leukemia and Related Diseases, Columbus, OH, 2009
  • Co-Coordinator, 11th Annual Northeastern Veterinary Pathology Conference, 2005
  • Natrogen Therapeutics, Inc. Scientific Advisory Board, 2004 – present
  • Workshop Leader and Moderator, Genetically Engineered Mice 101, 55th American Association for Laboratory Animal Science Meeting, Tampa, FL, 2004

Administrative Service 

  • Director, Comparative Pathology & Mouse Phenotyping Shared Resource 2008-present
  • Honors and Awards Committee, College of Veterinary Medicine, The Ohio State University, 2009 – present
  • Director, Combined Pathology/Graduate Program and Anatomic Pathology Residency Program Training Coordinator, 2010 – present
  • College of Veterinary Medicine Strategic Leadership Team, 2011 – present

Editoral Review

  • Biology of Reproduction
  • Comparative Medicine
  • Toxicologic Pathology
  • Veterinary Pathology

Honors & Awards (last ten years)

  • North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine Distinguished Alumna Award, 2009
  • Charles Louis Davis, D.V.M. Foundation Student Scholarship Award in Veterinary Anatomic Pathology, 2001
  • 16th Aspen Cancer Conference Young Investigator, 2001
  • Society of Toxicologic Pathologists Graduate Student Travel Award, 1998
  • American College of Veterinary Pathologists Harold W. Casey Award for Excellence in Pathology Training, 1998
  • Schering Plough Research Institute Fellowship in Experimental Toxicologic Pathology, 1997-2002

Teaching (last 5 years only)

  • Professional Medical or Veterinary
    • VME 531, Functional Veterinary Histology, Hepatobiliary System, 2010 – present
    • VME 609, Digestive System, Pathology of the Liver, 2010 – present
    • VBS 722, Advanced Laboratory Animal Medicine, Mouse Phenotyping, 2009 – present
    • Human Structure and Function Histology Laboratories for first year medical students, Weill Medical College of Cornell University, 2004 - 2008
  • Graduate and Post Doctoral
    • VPM 793, Laboratory Animal Medicine, Pathology of Laboratory Animals, 2009 – present
    • VBS 795, Seminars in Diagnostic Veterinary Pathology, Course Leader, 2009 – present
    • VBS 800.01, Clinical Pathology Seminar, Clinical Pathology of Mice, 2010
    • VBS 800.02, Veterinary Histopathology Seminar, Course Leader, 2009 – present
    • VBS 795, Seminars in Diagnostic Veterinary Pathology, Laboratory Animal Pathology, 2008 – present
    • VBS 810, Advanced Systemic Pathology I, Pathology of Mice, Rats and Non-Human Primates, 2008 – present

Research or Educational Sponsored Projects/Grants (last three years)

5 P30 CA016058-34                        (PI: Caligiuri)                         12/01/04-11/30/09    1.20 calendar
OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center Support Grant.
To support the programs, services, research, and administration of the OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center.
Role: Co-Investigator

5P01 CA124570-02            (PPG Leader: Ringel)                      03/01/08-02/28/13    0.60 calendar
Genetic and signaling pathways in epithelial thyroid carcinogenesis. Core B: Mouse Imaging and Pathology.
The goals of this project are to delineate the genetics of follicular thyroid carcinogenesis through a multidisciplinary translational approach spanning translational human genetics, mouse modeling, in vitro functional interrogation, and experimental therapeutics.  The overall goal is to be an integrated resource to support mouse modeling as a means for studying the molecular basis of thyroid cancer.
Role: Co-Investigator