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About the Program

About the Program


The Comparative Oncology Program has roughly 25 faculty participants from the CVM and 2 participants from MedVet, a multi-specialty referral practice in the community. All three CVM departments are represented in the program. In addition, staff members, professional students and graduate students regularly attend the meetings.


The Comparative Oncology Program meets every other Friday at 2pm in Room 1103 of the Veterinary Medical Center.

Leaders in Biomedical Research

Scientists in human health fields often seek the expertise and insight of veterinarians. Many of our faculty have leadership appointments in other health science colleges or research centers at the university. Our faculty hold positions in Ohio State’s Comprehensive Cancer Center, a group of more than 200 investigators developing collaborative programs in cancer research. Two College of Veterinary Medicine faculty have been honored as Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science for their work with tumor imaging and Feline Leukemia Virus. Our researchers collaborate with other scientists at the university and around the country to learn more about the causes, effects and treatments for cancer and related diseases.

Support During a Difficult Time

We understand that dealing with a pet with cancer is very difficult for concerned owners. Our Honoring the Bond program offers support for families coping with the illness, injury, loss, or death of a companion animal. Staffed by a licensed independent social worker, the program provides grief education, counseling, resources, referrals, and follow-up services for hundreds of companion-animal families and veterinary practices each year.

Thanks to friends and supporters of the college, we have made great progress in the treatment and care of animals with cancer. If you are interested in supporting our oncology programs, please contact our development office at (614) 688-8433. Together we can ensure that pets – and humans – suffer much less from this devastating illness.

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