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  • Dogs with forelimb bone tumor (osteosarcoma)
    The purpose of the study is to assess feasibility of the microwave ablation therapy for the treatment of distal radial osteosarcomas in dogs.
  • Cats with bladder stones
    The purpose of this study is to evaluate the efficacy of a new diet specially formulated to dissolve struvite stones in the bladders of cats.
  • Clinical Trial for Dogs with Cancer
    This study will evaluate the activity of an investigational drug given to dogs that have not yet been treated or have failed chemotherapy.
  • Cheryl London - TEDxOhioStateUniversity
    Dr. Cheryl London talks about clinical trials in pets, and how they are more useful when adapting cancer treatments to humans.
  • Clinical Trials in Veterinary Medicine
    Learn about the purpose of clinical trials, benefits, risks, impact in humane medicine and more in this video.

New Trials

In this study, we aim to use a new approach to stimulate the body’s own immune system to attack remaining tumor cells in dogs that have undergone standard of care limb amputation and chemotherapy for the treatment of bone tumors (Osteosarcoma).
This project will demonstrate the value of canine studies in identifying the molecular genetic basis of behavior. The planned publication of the results of these studies will lead to the development of new effective treatments, improving the quality of patient care and quality of life of dogs. Effective veterinary treatments are also likely to translate to new human therapies.
The purpose of this study if to evaluate differences between clinical investigators in lymph node measurement obtained via calipers compared with ultrasound. 

Pet Heroes


This cute pup is Parker, he participated in a clinical trial for dogs with lymphoma and solid tumors. We are currently recruiting for this trial so please share the word!

December 2018