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Procurement, Travel, and Fiscal Support

The College of Veterinary Medicine Shared Business Center members have joined the Business and Finance Procurement Shared Service Center (PSSC). Effective 2/3/20, existing staff have moved to the PSSC located at 2650 Kenny Road. They will continue to provide the same level of service and support to the same customers via email and phone, but will no longer be in the VMAB building.

Transactions being processed through the Procurement Shared Service Center (PSSC)
  1.  eRequest (includes Internal OSU Vendors, eStores, purchasing cards, reimbursements, requisitions and PO's, payments)
  2. Voucher Approvals for blanket orders and purchases over $3000


If you need to check out a pcard to make a purchase, you can check out a pcard from the following College Fiscal Officers:

  • For VMC purchases: James Steelesmith located at 0154 VMC
  • For VBS and VPM purchases: Kyle Schechter located at 101D Goss
  • For Admin and VCS purchases: Jen Holman located at 101K Goss




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