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coat of arms with College of Veterinary Medicine at top, images of fox, hawk, mountain lion and bear, The Ohio State University at the bottom

House System

The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine's House System cultivates and fosters a sense of connection among our college community.  House System-style learning communities are popular in the United Kingdom and have also been implemented at many medical and veterinary schools in the United States.

A community led effort

The names and designs of our Houses are a culmination of multiple student and faculty focus groups, an open call from the college community for ideas and designs, and college-wide voting to narrow down to the top four.  

graphics showing house shields House Vulpes, with a fox on a blue background with Curiosity and Resilience; House Buteo, with a hawk on a teal background with Wisdom and Patience; House Concolor with mountain lion on a purple background with Dignity and Perseverance; House Uros with a brown bear on an orange background with Integrity and Compassion

Creating increased support and connection

Students, faculty, and staff are sorted into one of four Houses and engage in informal community-building activities and friendly competitions throughout the year.  The goal is to create increased support and connection for members of our college. The House System does this by providing opportunities for students to interact with one another and get to know staff and faculty outside of the classroom.