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Past Events

  1. 30

    The Pathology Club will host a Clinical Pathology Lunch Lecture for Pathology Club members.

    Please RSVP Hayley Amerman.5.

    Food will be provided.

  2. 30

    The Women's Veterinary Leadership Development Initiative is presenting this new chapter to CVM students.

    Open to all students.

    Food will be provided.

    Please RSVP Adriana Martinez-Pena at


  3. 30

    Dr. Julie Piccione will be visiting from Texas A&M to give her seminar, Digital Cytology as a Diagnostic Service. 

  4. 29

    The Vet Explorers will be presenting The Introduction to Equine Medicine.

    Please RSVP Rachel


  5. 29

    The Veterinary Pharmacy Alliance presents Oncology and Pharmaceuticals...Oncology and the differences between human and veterinary treatments.  

    Open to all VPA members.

    Food will be served.

    Please RSVP Natalie


  6. 29

    Q&A session for students to learn more about equine internships and residencies.

    Meeting is open to SCAAEP members only.

    Food will be provided.

    Please RSVP Jamie

  7. 29

    Gerrit-Jan Nijveldt, Director of Global Regulatory Affairs Labeling, Sanofi-Aventis US LLC, will present a lecture entitled, "Drug Development from a Labeling Perspective" as part of the Rainier Scholars Program.  Lunch will be provided to attendees. Please RSVP to Michele Morscher -

  8. 27

    Details to come...

  9. 26

    Zuku test prep.

    Food will be provided.

  10. 25

    Updates on travel plans will be given to the vet students that are attending the March Symposium.

    If any questions, contact Courtney