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Highlights of 2016 from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine

1. Thanks to dialysis, Phoebe the cat survives lily poisoning 

When Phoebe, a 23-month-old cat from Missouri, took a few nibbles of a lily plant, her owners didn’t think a thing. Unfortunately neither Phoebe nor her owners were aware of the dire consequences that would ensue.

2. Dean Moore speaks at TEDxOhioStateUniversity 

His talk, "The Power of a Pet," explored the benefits of the human-animal bond.  

3. Deceased therapy dog passes on genes, 16 years later 

Quincy, a Golden retriever, had some of his semen frozen 16 years ago at The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center before he passed away, as the Trottas knew they would want to pass on his genes in the future to preserve his legacy.

4. Working toward a cure for HIV 

Now, more than ever, a cure for HIV is in sight, thanks to researchers like Dr. Sanggu Kim, assistant professor in the Department of Veterinary Biosciences.

5. Blue Buffalo Co. $6 million gift to advance clinical trials at College of Veterinary Medicine

Blue Buffalo Company has announced that it will award a $6 million gift to establish the Blue Buffalo Veterinary Clinical Trials Office at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

6. Veterinarian, engineer team up to design contraceptive approach for wild horses 

Dr. Marco Coutinho da Silva, associate professor-clinical in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, and Dr. John Lannutti, professor of Materials Science and Engineering in the College of Engineering, are collaborating in an effort to curb wild horse overpopulation.

7. New endoscopy tool advances ability to plan treatment, surgery 

The capsule can be swallowed by an animal directly, or it can be placed within the gastrointestinal tract during a traditional endoscopic procedure. It then moves through the system while taking continuous images, which are communicated to an external monitor for analysis.

8. Buckeye Vet Prep Academy 2016 

From June 27 to July 1, select high school students ventured to The Ohio State University for Buckeye Vet Prep Academy, hosted by the College of Veterinary Medicine.

9. Faculty Present at Discovery Talks 

Four of the talks featured were given by faculty from the College of Veterinary Medicine. 

10. Dr. O'Quin Receives AVMA Animal Welfare Award

Dr. W. Ron DeHaven, recently retired Executive Vice President and CEO of the AVMA wrote, "Dr. O'Quin was selected from a number of outstanding candidates to receive this prestigious award on the basis of her contributions to the veterinary profession."

11. Dr. Stull leads research team in disease prevention in canines 

The advice, which appears in a user-friendly guide and in a scientific paper in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, is intended to be a tool for those in charge of canine group settings and for dog owners.

12. Vet Med Study Among 34 Chosen by CDC Innovative Projects 

CDC has awarded more than $14 million to fund new approaches to combat antibiotic resistance, including research on how microorganisms naturally present in the human body (referred to as a person’s microbiome) can be used to predict and prevent infections caused by drug-resistant organisms. 

13. Gebreyes Appointed Executive Director of Global One Health Initiative 

With Gebreyes’ leadership, One Health has become the university’s largest, interdisciplinary example of institutional teamwork operating on a global scale.

14. College of Veterinary Medicine Installs Two Endowed Chairs

Professor Patrick L. Green and Professor Lawrence N. Hill have been formally installed as the Robert H. Rainier Endowed Chair in Industrial Veterinary Medicine and Research and the Frank Stanton Endowed Chair in General Practice and Canine Health and Wellness.

15. $39M gift from Stanton Foundation advances veterinary general practice education at Ohio State

The Stanton Foundation has announced a $39 million gift to the College of Veterinary Medicine at The Ohio State University to establish the Building Preeminence in Veterinary General Practice Education (BPVGPE) program, which will advance veterinary medical education for current and future generations.

16. Research symposium inspires with one-health success stories 

The importance of veterinary biomedical research was fully evident at the 2016 Merial-National Institutes of Health National Veterinary Scholars Symposium, which took place July 28-31 at The Ohio State University.

17. College hosts 2-week long Brain Camp 

The ACVIM and ECVN Neuroscience course, "Brain Camp," is a 2-week long course offered every two years in either Europe or the United Stated. The group included 160+ veterinary neurologists, surgeons, radiologists and advanced clinicians from 16 different counties, speaking eight different languages. 

18. Second years create Veterinary Student Survival Guide video

In the Veterinary Student Survival Guide, members from the class of 2019 provide insight into the life of veterinary students and show incoming students how to navigate the college and capitalize on their resources. 

19. New Lobby Opens in VMC 

The new lobby features a much larger space with plenty of natural light. There are two separate cat-only waiting areas and a touch screen video wall that can be used by clients.

20. College nearly doubles college campaign goal of $75 million

We nearly doubled our  college campaign goal of $75 million by raising over $136 million from over 12,600 donors during the "But for Ohio State" capital campaign.

21. Research study leads to first discovery of multidrug resistant bacteria in U.S. livestock 

The first discovery of transmissible carbapenem-resistant enterobactericeae (CRE) in livestock in the United States has been made by a research team lead by Dr. Thomas Wittum, Professor and Chair of Veterinary Preventive Medicine. 



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