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President’s Membership Letter 2019

Esteemed Colleagues—

As we’ve journeyed through our careers, we have all gained experience that we wish someone had imparted to us earlier. As president of Ohio State’s College of Veterinary Medicine Alumni Society, I constantly encounter students who are eager for contact with alumni and the pearls of wisdom we can offer. 

Our alumni family includes thousands of graduates working all over the world in areas as diverse as we can imagine. Just think of the impact we could have on the lives of veterinary students if we each took just a few minutes to offer thoughtful perspectives on our journey through veterinary medicine. Our time and talent are priceless to them. Our Alumni Society provides many opportunities to meet and network with students, from reviewing applications and interviewing prospective veterinary students to networking events during Homecoming weekend and throughout the academic year.  Engaging with students now produces graduates who are prepared for their career—and who become engaged alumni themselves. Networking with fellow alumni provides us all with insights into our similarities and our shared histories—regardless of how different our areas of expertise may seem at first glance. 

Sponsoring a White Coat, which is presented to each third-year student in a special ceremony before the clinical year begins, is a very tangible reminder of our connectedness. By sponsoring a White Coat, for $100, we confirm the continuity of excellence shared by all graduates of the Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine. Your gift to the members of the Class of 2020 will impact their future by tying past and present together and supporting students who share your commitment to a better future for animals, people, and the environment. 

Veterinary students benefit from our contributions in countless ways. Whether you sponsor a White Coat, donate to another College of Veterinary Medicine fund, or donate time and talent during student networking events, I hope you will consider sharing with students the resources and advice to ensure their future success and the success of our profession. 

With Best Regards,

Susan J. Reed, DVM (’90), DACVPM
President, Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine Alumni Society

PS— Please make your 2019 sustaining membership donation of at least $50 to any College of Veterinary Medicine Fund, or a $75 donation that also identifies you as a sustaining member of the OSU Alumni Association. Learn more.