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Plan a Continuing Education Course

Support from the Continuing Education Office is intended for College-sponsored events and continuing education courses organized by CVM faculty.

All continuing education courses either on or off-site associated with the College of Veterinary Medicine need to be submitted for approval. New one-time or recurring events within the College of Veterinary Medicine are eligible. The event must be pre-approved by the event organizer’s home department. The course idea must be proposed to the Continuing Education Review Board for approval. Proposals must be submitted to the review board a minimum of 6-8 months prior to or upon initial discussion of the planned course date. Proposal preparation is the responsibility of the course organizer and should include the completed Course Proposal Form and Estimated BudgetRecurring events only need to be submitted once.

Available Service Levels:

Click here for descriptions of the service levels

Memorandums of Understanding:

1)  Registration Only

2)  Full Support

3)  Space Rental + Additional Services

4)  Space Rental Only

Additional Resources:

Space rental fees

Timeline and checklist

To submit:

If the course you are interested organizing does not fit into the services levels listed above, please move forward with completing the course proposal and make note of this in the "additional comments" section. We want to partner with you and look forward to supporting your course!


Contact Morgan Kibler at or 614-292-0107