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Biopsy Services

The Anatomic Pathology Service offers specialized biopsy services noted below for veterinary practitioners. Biopsy submissions are otherwise limited to in-house submissions for patients of the Ohio State University Veterinary Medical System Veterinary Hospitals.

Comparative Theriogenology & Reproductive Pathology Service

International Veterinary Renal Pathology Service (IVRPS)

Dermatology Pathology Service


Inquiries about necropsies and surgicals should be made to Jenny Bolon in the Veterinary Pathology Library,, or (614-247-4795). The library has surgical biopsy and autopsy records, histopathology slides, digital images, archived 2x2 slides, select journals and AFIP sets. Extensive searches can also be done on the library's database.

Anatomic Pathology Director
Dr. Christopher Premanandan
Phone: (614) 292-2797

For more information, please contact our staff.