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PCR Tetrad


PCR TetradThe MJ DNA Engine Tetrad (PTC 225) is a multi-user thermal cycler. The instrument consists of Peltier heated/cooled sample blocks (alphas) that have heated lids. Up to 7 users can run samples simultaneously and the alphas can accommodate 48-96 0.2 ml thin-walled PCR tubes/strips/plates or up to 30 thick-walled 0.5 ml tubes. The MJ Tetrad includes a gradient feature to perform annealing temperature optimization


Room 219 Goss Laboratory
1925 Coffey Road


None for instrument use. Consumables, paid for by the user, include master mixes/kits, primers and sample tubes

Contact & scheduling

Kate Hayes-Ozello
(614) 292-8670
[[EmailLink? Hayes-Ozello]]


Sign-in at use, appointment generally not necessary. Limited 24-hour access laboratory (key card entry).

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New users

Dr. Kate Hayes supervises the use of the MJ DNA Engine Tetrad; she should be contacted prior to initial use. This instrument is supported with technical expertise to help with experimental design, data interpretation and training for the primary use.

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