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Training is provided to all new users at no cost. The training will involve hands-on instruction in the use of the instrumentation, discussion of the standard operating procedures (SOPs) used within the core, and an introduction to the software used to analyse data generated by this instrument. Upon successful completion of the training, the researcher will be added to the list of approved users and granted keycard access to the core.

Consultation and Animal Research Policy

The core will also assist with the development of preliminary, proof of principle data that can be used in support of applications for extramural funding. Live animals that are to be imaged within the core must be transported to/from the core by ULAR. Users should contact ULAR to arrange transformation. This is not the responsibility of the core.

Any animal work must have prior approval of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.Users will be charged for access to the instrument. Fees are based on the time used. A daily log sheet is maintained in the core and users should complete the log sheet each time they use the instrumentation. Bills will be generated each month and these can be paid with a 100W. The fee schedule for the core instrumentation is determined by the core Advisory Committee.