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Virtual Microscopy

Key Features Of The Aperio ScanScope

  • Superior images
  • Powerful viewing available with ImageScope installation via VIS (Veterinary Information Systems)
  • Images scanned at 20X or 40X

Scanning Process

Aperio scanning software for image acquisition at resolutions including 20X and 40X using the 120 autoloader capability that can scan in batches up to 120 slides. Each slide takes an average of five to twenty minutes; sometimes can take an hour depending on tissue size. 

Slides below 90% quality will be re-scanned manually up to three times to achieve the highest quality image possible. Common problems that cause lower quality scans are air bubbles, cracks in the slide glass, faint and/or scant tissue. Some slides that have these issues cannot be scanned, but these problems can be fixed by having a specimen re-cut, re-cover slipped, or re-stained.