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2014 Awards Ceremony

The 2014 Honors and Awards Ceremony took place on May 3 at the Fawcett Center.  There were over 400 people in attendance.  


Award Name Winner
Excellence in Teaching Class of 2014 Dr. Theresa Burns
Excellence in Teaching Class of 2015 Dr. Christopher Adin
Excellence in Teaching Class of 2017 Dr. James DeWille
SCAVMA Outstanding Teacher Award for Resident/Graduate Teaching Associates Dr. Aimee Brooks
SCAVMA Senior Service Award Caitlin Pohlit
SCAVMA Junior Service Award Valerie Rose
Excellence in Behavior Kayla Whitfield-Bradley
Elanco Behavior Award Taylor Kirby-Madden
Excellence in Cardiology Elaine Simpson
Excellence in Neurology Elizabeth Carstensen
Society for Theriogenology -- Proficiency in Theriogenology Award Michael Peplowski
Excellence in Theriogenology Erin Clark
Excellence in Dermatology Elaine Simpson/Katlyn Barr
Excellence in Shelter Medicine and Surgery Audra Hanthorn
Excellence in Equine Field Service Heather Lane
Excellence in Equine Medicine Christine Jones
Excellence in Equine Emergency and Critical Care James Howard
Excellence in Equine Surgery Michelle Bacha
ACVS -- Large Animal Surgery Award Joseph Lozier
ACVIM -- Large Animal Internal Medicine Award Mallory Titler
Ethicon Award for Surgical Excellence, Large Animal Alex de Roziere
Excellence in Food Animal Medicine and Surgery Mallory Titler
Excellence in Marysville Ambulatory Mallory Titler/ Annie Eilenfeld
Excellence in Small Animal Community Practice Austin Kleman/Clare Webb
Excellence in Small Animal Critical Care Kristen Moning
VECCS -- Emergency and Critical Care Award Meaghan Ropski
AAFP -- Feline Practioners Award Jennifer Morrow
ACVIM -- Small Animal Internal Medicine Award Caitlin Pohlit/ Emily Dozeman
Excellence in Small Animal Internal Medicine James Howard
ASLAP -- Laboratory Animal Award Michael Bradley
ACVS -- Small Animal Surgery Award Stephen Horvath
Ethicon Award for Surgical Excellence, Small Animal James Howard
Excellence in Small Animal Surgery Caitlin Pohlit
Excellence in Pathology Margaret Shoemaker
ACVP -- Pathology Award Beth Ihms
Excellence in Ophthalmology James Howard
ACVO—Ophthalmology Award Cornelia Peterson
Excellence in Anesthesiology James Howard
ACVAA—Anesthesiology Award Elaine Simpson
Excellence in Radiology Valerie Nesser
ACVR —Radiology Award Valerie Nesser
Excellence in Preventive Medicine Catherine Shaw
Excellence in Public Health Meaghan Glowacki
Excellence in Oncology Austin Kleman
Veterinary Cancer Society Award Adam Mauser
Gertrude Hoeger Award in Basic Biomedical Research Evan Mariotti
Gertrude Hoeger Award in Clinical Biomedical Research Juliet Armstrong
Excellence in Scholarship Meaghan Glowacki