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Canine influenza outbreak

A canine influenza outbreak has been reported in the Chicago
area. This is a new strain of virus - H3N2 - previously seen only in Asia,
according to a report from Cornell University.

Dogs may exhibit symptoms that include:
eye and nose
mild fever,
reduced appetite,
lack of energy (lethargy) and

Symptoms are similar to
other conditions like kennel cough. A definitive diagnosis of influenza is only possible through
testing. Locally, the Ohio Department of Agriculture lab is accepting samples for testing that are submitted by a licensed veterinarian.

Symptoms can be managed, and most dogs recover in one to three weeks. Contact
your veterinarian if you are concerned about your dog’s symptoms.

Typically, influenza is transmitted through direct contact
with other infected animals. People may transmit the virus from an infected
animal, although that has not been determined in this case. To be safe, people
who come in contact with sick animals should wash their hands thoroughly in
order to prevent spreading the virus. If your animal exhibits symptoms of illness, contact your
veterinarian, and keep your dog apart from other canines as well as cats.

Additional information is available through the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the Centers for Disease Control.

To schedule an appointment for your dog or cat, contact The
Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center at 614-292-3551. 

Dr. Ed Cooper, head of the Veterinary Medical Center's Emergency and Critical Care service, was quoted on the subject in an article by The Columbus Dispatch.

April 16, 2015; Updated April 21


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