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ALL Funds for Students

Professional Development Funds are awarded twice per year. These dates and deadlines are largely at Treasurer Discretion and this will be communicated to the SAVMA constituency at the appropriate time. One must be a SAVMA member in good standing to apply. 

Please include the following in your PDF application:

  1. The completed application form;
  2. Copies of your receipts for travel and housing expenses;
  3. A summary of your experience including how it relates to veterinary medicine

 ***If all of these items are not included, your application will NOT be processed***

What is a PDF?

Through the Hill's College Feeding Program and other SAVMA fundraisers, we are able to provide students reimbursement for travel and housing costs incurred while pursuing career-oriented activities; for example: unpaid externships, veterinary-related conferences, international veterinary volunteer work, job interviews etc.

All SAVMA members in good standing are eligible for up to $500/year in Professional Development Funding.
There are 2 PDF cycles per year: at the beginning of fall semester and after spring break. Eligible students may apply for funding during each cycle until the $500 limit has been reached for the year.

Keep in mind that the amount awarded will be based on the PDF funds available and the total amount requested by all of the applicants in that cycle. For example, if the total amount of funding available is $5,000.00 and the total amount for which students apply is $10,000.00, each student will be awarded 50% of the funds requested. That is, if one applied for, and was eligible to receive the full $500 reimbursement, the amount awarded would be $250.00.

Please remember, PDF funding is never guaranteed, but it is something SAVMA works very hard to continue to offer to students.

SAVMA PDF Guidelines:

  1. Funds will be given to help cover costs of travel, registration and lodging.
  2. No funds will be given to cover off-quarter externships (seniors), projects for which payment is issued, projects for which one is receiving Ohio State course credit or for food.
  3. Fund availability will be determined by the total amount of revenue generated from Hill's food sales during the immediate past academic year and summer semester.
  4. SAVMA will pay up to 100% of total costs (travel, registration, lodging), up to $500 per year. Students will be notified of any remaining funds for additional experiences upon check disbursement.
  5. Applications will be accepted only after projects or interviews are completed, and must be handed in along with receipts for hotel rooms, plane tickets, gas costs, registration, etc. In addition, students are required to turn in a summary of their project (no more than one page typed) with their application.
  6. Students may only apply for funds for a project if that project was completed during the previous semester or first week of classes in the current semester. (Summer project funds must be applied for during the following autumn PDF cycle, and will count toward that academic year's funds).
  7. Only one grant will be awarded per person, per project and multiple grant applications per semester will only be evaluated up to $500.
  8. Regardless of funding requested, applications are combined and evaluated for up to a maximum of $500. A percentage of the amount requested will be awarded based on the availability of funds.
  9. Complete applications must be submitted to a designated folder/basket by the designated due date each academic semester.
  10. Applications will be accepted once the submission basket is set out, but will only be approved by the SAVMA Executive Committee at an Officers’ meeting held after the deadline.
  11. In order to qualify for a Professional Development Fund, the applicant must be a SAVMA member in good standing (dues paid in full and all points earned for previous academic years).
  12. The SAVMA Executive Committee will judge applications based on personal development, professional development, academic merit and benefit to the University and benefit of service. Please consider these areas as you complete your application. All decisions made by SAVMA are final.
  13. Fund availability is subject to change with each academic year and application submission in no way guarantees reimbursement.
  14. SAVMA Symposium PDF Guidelines: Applications will be evaluated for up to a maximum of $500.00 minus the amount of fundraising funds allocated to each attendant. Students who choose not to participate in fundraising will still be subject to this deduction.