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Business Education Fund


  1. Funds will be given to help cover costs of travel, registration, and lodging.
  2. NO funds will be given to cover off quarter externships (seniors), projects for which you are getting paid, projects for which you are receiving Ohio State course credit, or for food.
  3. VBMA will pay costs including travel, registration, and lodging. VBMA Business Education funds granted per student per academic year will not exceed $200.
  4. Applications will be accepted only after experiences are completed, and must be handed in along with receipts for hotel rooms, plane tickets, gas costs, registration, etc." In addition, students are required to turn in a summary of their experience (no more than one page typed) with their application."
  5. Students may only apply for funds for experiences completed the current academic year. Summer experiences can be applied for during the following autumn quarter, and will count toward that academic year.
  6. Applications can be printed from the VBMA Web Page (Application). Complete applications must be submitted to a VBMA officer.
  7. Applications will be accepted any time, but approval and funding allocation will occur at the end of each quarter.
  8. In order to qualify for a VBMA Business Education funds, the applicant must be a paid VBMA member.
  9. The VBMA executive committee will judge applications based on personal development, professional development, availability in other venues, and benefit to the OSU VBMA chapter. Please consider these areas as you complete your application. All decisions made by VBMA are final.
  10. Because money for funds comes from Lighthouse and other sponsor donations and VBMA fundraisers, available funding can vary." Please understand that if your project is approved, the amount granted will not necessarily be the maximum allowable amount.
  11. VBMA reserves the right to modify these guidelines as necessary.
  12. Questions can be directed to VBMA officers at: