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Chapter History

The springboard for the formation of the Veterinary Business Management Association (VBMA) at OSU was a presentation made by Meghan Stalker in November of 2003 to the students at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Stimulating, factual, and invigorating, her presentation underlined the importance of business education and made an impression on all those in attendance. Shortly afterward, in the spring of 2004, Ohio State became one of the first schools to form a VBMA chapter, creating a precedent of activity, ambition, and student-driven offerings that remains one of the chapter's hallmarks today.

The byproduct of the efforts of Dr. James Wilson, Meghan Stalker, and others-and with assistance from the original national sponsors, Hill's Pet Nutrition and Veterinary Pet Insurance-the national VBMA was born in September of 2004. At the time of its creation, the National VBMA had 16 chapters housed in various US veterinary schools, and it continues to grow tremendously each year. As of January 2008, the VBMA is comprised of 26 chapters across the nation and has more than 2300 student members (greater than 20% of veterinary students nationally are VBMA members). The VBMA is now international, having a chapter at Murdoc University in Australia and at Ross University in Granada. In short, the VBMA is the largest independent veterinary student organization in the world and the fastest growing veterinary student group in the United States!

During its growth, the VBMA has kept its focus on advancing business education in all aspects of the veterinary profession. Our student leaders, members and alumni are fast becoming some of the most resourceful and entrepreneurial young practitioners in the veterinary community. Through their involvement in this organization, veterinary students develop communication, customer service, negotiation, leadership, and managerial skills that enable them to elevate their careers and our profession as a whole. The VBMA, both at Ohio State and on the national level, is dedicated to advancing the profession through increasing business knowledge, creating networking opportunities, and empowering students to achieve their personal and professional goals.