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Executive Committee and Executive Board

The Executive Committee is compromised of the:

President: Danielle Capelli.2

President-Elect: Kevin Shade.95

Vice President: Melanie Mironovich.3

Treasurer: Hayley Amerman.5

Treasurer-Elect: Megan Powers.353

Secretary: Briana Lundquist.19

Senior SAVMA Delegate: Shanah Frankel.42

Junior SAVMA Delegate: Nerisa Riedl.16

The Executive Board is comprised of the Executive Committee and the chairs of the committees which fall under the purview of SAVMA.

Social Committee:

Merchandise Committee:

Community Outreach:

Josh Project:

Information Technology:

Symposium Fundraising:


Heifer International:

Points Committee:

Veterinary Olympics:

Pre-Veterinary Club:

Class Representatives: