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Health and Wellness

If you’ve ever been on an airplane and listened to the preflight instructions, you’ve learned that in the event of a change in cabin pressure, oxygen masks will appear. To start the flow of oxygen, you are to pull the mask toward you, place it firmly over your nose and mouth and breathe. If you are traveling with someone needing assistance, you should put on your oxygen mask first, and then assist others. Wellness is more than being free from illness. It is a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving one’s full potential (National Wellness Institute). The oxygen mask analogy reminds us to keep breathing and prioritize our own self-care needs to maintain health and wellness; and before you can help others.

Wellness matters because everything that we do, personally and professionally, relates to our well-being. The College of Veterinary Medicine is committed to promoting balanced lifestyles and student success through nine dimensions of wellness including: Physical, Emotional, Social, Career, Financial, Intellectual, Spiritual, Creative and Environmental. Each dimension of wellness is interrelated with another and equally vital in the pursuit of optimal health and resiliency. 

We offer onsite services for emotional wellness, ( or, career wellness, ( financial wellness, ( and academic wellness ( 

Emotionally well people can identify, express and manage their feelings and seek assistance when needed.

The socially well person has a support network of friends based on mutual trust and respect.

Financially well people actively manage their budgets in order to achieve realistic goals. Our student financial aid adviser can assist you.

Ohio State offers a team of dietitians incorporating fitness and nutrition along with body image issues.

Professionally well people engage in satisfying work consistent with their values. Let our Career Management staff support your career goals!

Ohio State provides resources for intellectual, spiritual and creative wellness.