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Psychiatry Services

The college has made arrangements with Dr. Darryl Brush, of Ohio State’s Harding Hospital, to provide our students and graduate professional students FREE psychiatric services. Psychiatric services are medical services that generally include the use of medications for symptom management. Dr. Brush understands the need for top performance in a rigorous medical training program and specializes in working with medical students and professionals. 

Psychiatric care is an adjunct to, not a replacement for, counseling services, and Dr. Brush generally advises those who utilize his service to work concurrently with a counselor for ongoing care. 

To schedule with Dr. Brush:

  • Dr. Brush sees veterinary students in Goss 333. Visits are by appointment only.
  • To schedule with Dr. Brush, please call his assistant, Mary Jo Lee, at 614-293-9463
  • Indicate that you are a veterinary student.