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Why do we have the points system?

The points’ system is modelled after the Continuing Education requirements to which veterinarians must adhere to maintain an active license pursuant to State licensure requirements. The points’ system has proved to meet the needs of our specific Chapter, and is used in many other SAVMA chapters to determine "active/good-standing" membership. Points are allotted for activities which involve both personal career development and general service to the OSU CVM Community.

What do points get me?

There are SAVMA-specific membership benefits of which members can take advantage only if points’ requirements are met. For example, Professional Development Funds (PDF’s) are available only to those students with sufficient points for their previous year in school. Members may receive up to $500 in PDFs per academic year.

Throughout one’s tenure at veterinary school students will be afforded myriad externship opportunities, many of which require liability insurance. To apply for Professional Liability Insurance through AVMA PLIT (Note — One should also apply PLIT if they are working in a clinic on-the-job or as an extern.) you must be an "active/good-standing" member with sufficient points in order to pay the significantly reduced premium of $10.

What constitutes a point-eligible activity?

Many events and lectures can be considered point-eligible. All events that in some way ‘give back’ or contribute to the community, or lectures which provide educational or professional development will be considered. Non-eligible events are those in which a company representative promotes any specific company drug or product. If one would like to offer points at their event, please contact the SAVMA President or Vice President via e-mail with at least two weeks’ notice. Ultimately, the SAVMA Executive Committee makes the final decision on whether points will be awarded.

To Be a Member in "Good-Standing" one must:

  • Pay your annual dues
  • Participate in SAVMA events, committees, etc.
  • Participation will be measured by points. The minimum number of points required are:
    • First-year students: 4 points*
    • Second-year students: 3 points
    • Third-year students: 2 points
    • Fourth-year students: 1 points

* The first-year veterinary student is required also to obtain one (1) committee point for serving on and fulfilling the requirements of his/her assigned SCAVMA Committee. The individual Committee Chair(s) shall determine committee point requirements.

For the current year, ‘good standing’ for the purpose of PDF’s includes:

  • Having paid dues for the current year and all previous years;
  • Having earned full points for all previous years.

Points will be awarded as follows:

Number of Points/Event


Offices must be held (not elected) in the fall of the current year in order to receive points. Pursuant to SAVMA by-laws, points shall be awarded as follows:


  • Three (3) points: Holding SAVMA Executive Office (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, SAVMA Delegate)
  • Two (2) points: Serving as chairperson or co-chairperson of an approved SAVMA committee
  • Two (2) points: Serving as SAVMA President-Elect/Treasurer-Elect
  • Two (2) points: Serving as a SAVMA Class Representative first year.
  • One (1) point: Serving as a SAVMA Class Representative second and third years.
  • One (1) point: Serving as a class executive officer: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc…
  • One (1) point (a “Committee Point”) per year for serving as a member of an approved SAVMA committee. At least one committee meeting or event must be attended.
  • One (1) point: Paying annual dues on time.
  • One (1) point: Holding an executive position of any officially recognized school club or organization, including fraternities. (A list of all clubs and organization officers is kept by the Office of Professional Programs and updated each year. Eligible clubs can be added or removed with a simple majority vote of the Executive Committee.)
  • One (1) point: designated SAVMA lectures
  • One (1) point for volunteering for or donating at a College of Veterinary Medicine blood or for volunteering for or registering at a bone marrow donor registration


Veterinary school organisations approved for points for Executive positions should be registered with Student Affairs. If you have questions about whether a club is approved for points, please contact  

The following groups are NOT approved for points:

  • Food/pharmaceutical company representatives

Where should I direct points’ information?

A sign-up sheet will be provided at each point-eligible SCAVMA event. It is the member’s individual responsibility to ensure that they sign the sheet and it is the event coordinator’s responsibility to send the completed document to

Similarly, all points’ questions should be directed to

Procedure for Points’ Appeals

While significant steps have been taken to mitigate contingencies, SAVMA recognizes that there are occasionally instances in which points are not accounted for appropriately. If one believes that points totals are not correct after reviewing them with the points’ chairpersons, please follow the below appeal information to have special circumstances reviewed by the SAVMA Executive Board.

  • All appeals must be typed and submitted to an Executive officer in writing including:
    • Name
    • Email address
    • Date and name of event in question
    • Explanation of special circumstances (not to exceed two typed paragraphs)
    • Signature
  • It is ultimately the individual member’s responsibility to ensure that they are signing in at meetings and/or other approved events for which points are awarded.
  • Unprofessional appeals or those which conform not to the prescribed standards will not be approved or answered.
  • Appeals for a given semester must be received by the second meeting of the following semester to be considered.
  • If you are planning a points-awarding event, you must contact the SAVMA President or Vice-president AND the Points Chairperson PRIOR to the event.
  • All decisions made by the Executive Committee and Board are final.