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NAVC Executive Committee

NAVC Executive Committee

National Platinum Sponsors

Hill's Pet NutritionDr. Chuck Wayner from Hill's with the Exec board at NAVC

Hill's Pet Nutrition is dedicated to helping pets reach their full potential through quality nutrition and healthcare. Our unrivaled devotion to healthy, happy pets drives everything we do.

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Lighthouse Veterinary Personnel Services

Lighthouse Veterinary Personnel Services® is a comprehensive veterinary resource for both veterinary practice owners and associate veterinarians.

Free to all OSU Veterinary Students: Lighthouse offers to assist in locating veterinary clinical associate positions and will advise on contract negotiations and compensation packages as well. Just fill out and return the forms below.

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Banfield the Pet Hospital


Bayer Animal Health

Coca Cola

Coca Cola Company

Graduate Leverage

Graduate Leverage Solutions

Pender Veterinary Centre

Pender Veterinary Centre