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What We Do

So what are some of the things that you can look forward to as a member of the zoo club? Even if your primary interest isn't zoo medicine, there is something for everyone. If you ever wanted to touch a rhino, auscultate a mandrill, or have a broader understanding of veterinary medicine, then the zoo club might be right for you.

Zoo Rounds and Wet Labs

Periodically throughout the year, there are zoo rounds and wet labs held at the Columbus Zoo. At the Ohio State University, we are fortunate enough to have a world class zoo in our back yard with a veterinary staff that is willing to help. Zoo rounds are held on Saturdays/Sundays and offer a look into what a zoo vet does. Wet labs are also held at the Columbus Zoo and offers hands on experience. Last December, there was a lab in fish anesthesia.

The Wilds Trip

The Wilds is blend of wildlife from Africa, Asia and North America and offers safari rides to the public. Once a year, the members of the zoo club travel to the Wilds and help in a service project to benefit the property. Afterwards, the volunteers are treated to a tour of the facility by one of the vets.

Meetings and Talks

In addition to our many events, we have meetings to discuss the club and where the members would like to see it go. There are also talks from people in the field of zoo medicine and exotic medicine throughout the year.