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Peter Constable, BVSc, MS, PhD

2019 Distinguished Alumni: Peter Constable, BVSc, MS, PhD

For his extensive contributions to the improvement of veterinary education, animal health, and public awareness of veterinary medicine’s contribution to human health, we are pleased to recognize Dr. Peter Constable as a 2019 Distinguished Alumnus of the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Peter Constable earned his BVSc (1982) from the University of Melbourne. He then completed an internship in Equine Field Services (1985), a residency and MS (1989) in Food Animal Medicine and Surgery, and PhD (1992) at The Ohio State University. Peter begin on faculty at the University of Illinois where he rose through the ranks to professor also becoming the head of Food Animal Services and serving as interim Chair of the Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine. 

In 2006, Peter was recruited to serve as Department Chair of Veterinary Clinical Sciences at Purdue University for 8 years until 2014 when he returned to the University of Illinois to become Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine. As an administrative leader, Dr. Constable has continually worked to advance the impact of the profession including influencing the role of veterinary medicine in public affairs.

Peter is an accomplished clinician and researcher who has studied acid-base physiology, fluid therapy, shock, calf diarrhea, surgical conditions of the bovine abdomen, biostatistics, pharmacokinetic modeling, veterinary education and the cardiovascular response to endurance training. He is unique in the diversity of species he has studied including dairy cattle, other ruminants, horses, and sled-dogs. Has received the ‘Legends of Large Animal Medicine’ Award by his peers for his contributions to large animal practice.

Dr. Constable has been awarded over 50 grants totaling over $1.8 million from funding agencies including Boehringer, Department of Health and Human Services, International Life Science Institute, USDA, Pharmacia, American Heart Association, Alaska Science and Technology Foundation, and the AVMA foundation. Peter has published nearly 230 peer reviewed manuscripts, and has authored over 40 book chapters. He is a co-author of the tenth edition of Veterinary Medicine: A Textbook of the Diseases of Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Pigs, and Goats which serves as a key resource for large animal practitioners throughout the world.

Peter is also an accomplished teacher, mentor, and a world renowned speaker and lecturer. He has given over 60 National and International Scientific Presentations, and he has been invited to speak all over the world. He has instructed countless professional veterinary students and has advised over 30 graduate students, residents, and interns and residents. Even as Dean he continues to mentor students and visiting scholars.