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Animal Welfare Symposium

Animal Welfare Symposium

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November 30, 2010

2nd Annual Animal Welfare Symposium
Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center
2201 Fred Taylor Drive
Columbus, OH 43210

Keynote speaker: Dr. Temple Grandin

The purpose of the event is to build on the success of last year's Animal Welfare Symposium, and further the goal of increasing knowledge about and enhancing our ability to properly address farm animal welfare issues in Ohio. This year's event will focus on two emerging issues for the livestock industries, which coincidentally have been the focus of debate in Ohio – handling of disabled or non-ambulatory animals, and euthanasia. The featured presenter of the Symposium will be Dr. Temple Grandin, Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University and well-known animal handling expert. Dr. Jan Shearer, Professor and Dairy Extension Veterinary Specialist at Iowa State University, will share his knowledge of appropriate methods of euthanasia, and considerations for when euthanasia should occur. The latest research findings from surveys of consumers and the implications for the livestock industries will also be presented. Dr. Linda Lobao, Professor of Rural Sociology at The Ohio State University, will focus on results from Ohio, and Mr. Charlie Arnot, CEO of The Center for Food Integrity, will share results from national studies. An update on the activities of the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board will also be given. There will be ample time for audience interaction with all of the speakers, and the Symposium will deliver practical advice and answer commonly-asked questions about how best to handle and manage compromised animals.

The primary intended audiences for the Symposium are livestock producers, and also large animal veterinarians (the Symposium is approved for Continuing Education credit). However, it is expected that the topics and featured presenters will also have broad appeal to a range of audiences, including students, Extension educators, members of agricultural groups and those associated with allied industries, and members of the general public.

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For inquiries, please contact:

Dr. Naomi Botheras, Animal Welfare Specialist
Department of Animal Sciences
Ph: 614-292-3776
Dr. Candace Croney, Associate Professor, Animal Behavior/Bioethics
Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine
Ph: 614-292-0974

For media inquiries, please contact:

Melissa L. Weber, director of communications and marketing
College of Veterinary Medicine
Office phone: (614) 292-3752
Cell: (614) 327-6024