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Abstract Format and Poster Templates

Abstracts must be 300 words or less and must be submitted to Michele Morscher ( in electronic form by email using the web-based abstract submission form. Abstracts that exceed the 300 word limit OR not following the format below, will be returned for modification. Please see the example shown below for your abstract.

  • Type the text in Arial font, 12 point.
  • The title should be capitalized and bold, followed by the authors’ names (initials and last names only) and departmental affiliation.
  • Underline the presenting author’s name.
  • Abstract should be single spaced.
  • At the end of the abstract, skip a line and include 'Keywords'.
  • Note that the 300 word limit does NOT include the title, authors and department information, and key words.


THE EFFECT OF LIGHT AND HEAT OR LACK THEREOF ON LECTURE QUALITY AND CONTENT AT A MAJOR VETERINARY SCHOOL. I. Snooze, U. Shiver, and B. Quiet. Depts. of Veterinary Biosciences and Veterinary Clinical Sciences

Temperature and light-level determinations in lecture halls of a major veterinary school revealed marked variations...



Poster Templates: Following are some suggestions for posters-these are not required templates, just some options

Google Chrome is the suggested browser to be used to open the following templates.

48x36-3 column

48x36-4 column

48x36-single box

56x36-4 column

56x36-single box