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C. Glenn Barber Fund Application Instructions

This fund is intended to foster mentored student-based research involving amino acids and their chemistry which includes, but is not restricted to molecular interactions between amino acids, peptides, proteins, protein-protein interactions or their encoding nucleic acids. The intent is to provide student stipends (salary, benefits, tuition and fees) for up to two years during the training interval leading to a doctoral degree.

Applications to the Barber Fund will be evaluated on not only the quality of the prospective student, but also the quality of the proposed research project and mentor. It is expected that the student will play a major role in the writing of this application.


  • Research projects shall involve protein research
  • The faculty mentor shall have adequate research funding or the prospect for research funding to support the proposed recipient to the completion of his/her PhD program
  • The faculty mentor shall have adequate laboratory space and equipment to complete the proposed research
  • The prospective recipient shall be a full-time PhD student in good standing. Priority will be given to those students who have successfully completed his/her PhD candidacy examination at the time of application for the Barber Funds. Successful completion of the candidacy exam is not, however, a requirement to apply for Barber funds.

The standard college format for research proposals is not used for this submission. Instead, there is a separate C. Glenn Barber Fund Intramural Application and Template.

The following two links contain the application instructions and template to be used to submit a proposal to the Barber Fund.

If you have any questions, please contact Michele Morscher at (614)292-9203 or