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Admin and Biostatistics Core A

Administrative & Biostatistics Core A

Core Director: Patrick Green, PhD, The Ohio State University

The Administrative and Biostatistics Core will provide centralized grant
administration, communications, data sharing, and statistical analyses for the
projects. The administrative, budget, accounting, compliance, and statistical
support principles are agreed upon by both institutions and the PPG participants. This Core serves to amalgamate
the investigators, their experimental findings and their ideas, promote
translational efforts and direct efforts toward the Program goals and outcomes.
In addition, the Biostatistics and Data Integration part of this core will
create and operate a secure web site for the interchange of data,
communications, and the evaluation of Program progress.

 The specific
aims of the Administrative and Biostatistics Core are:

Aim 1. Provide basic administrative services
to the investigators.

  • Service includes the
    management of supplies, filing, development of memos, meeting minutes and
    communications covering all operations. The Core will continue to provide
    investigators with clear lines of scientific and administrative communication
    to promote collaboration among team members, aid in the prioritization of
    resources, and facilitate resolution of any problems that affect team members.
  • Provide publication services to the investigators
    for project‑related communications including preparation of manuscripts,
    posters, abstracts and other publications.

 Aim 2. Provide statistical analyses, data
management, and biomaterial sharing management .

  • To collaborate with
    project investigators in the formulation of hypotheses and study design.
  • To conduct and direct the
    statistical analysis of data including both descriptive summary statistics and
    sophisticated inferential procedures.
  • Provide timely review,
    quality assurance, and dissemination of the results gleaned from investigations
    in all projects.
  • To
    insure data prioritization evaluation and an inter-institutional secure server
    for sharing and storing databases. This will include up-to-date lists of
    biomaterial generated by projects or cores, particularly from infected animals
    and tissue culture. Provide access in real-time to data sets and
    standardization of data sets to permit data managers from all institutions to
    have input on final statistics and direct modeling and experimental design over
    the program course.
  • To
    specifically monitor new data on a real-time basis to manage the aims of the
    projects and avail investigators of discoveries in projects that heighten the
    Program’s integration efforts; this includes but is not limited to new
    reagents, new critical data, new clinical information, new discoveries in other
    laboratories, potential new collaborations, and new forums for data sharing.

 Aim 3. Organize
Scientific and Advisory Board Meetings.

  • Monthly Steering
    Committee Meetings shall consist of the Project Leaders, Core Directors, and
    key staff members.
  • Weekly Program Project Retrovirology Laboratory Scientific Data Meetings
    for all members of the project and their laboratory members
  • Annual Internal and External Scientific Advisory
    Board (ISAB & ESAB) meetings. Each panel of experts shall assess
    the Program effectiveness and experimental progress, research directions,
    technical approaches, statistical evaluation, and administrative effectiveness. The scientists on each board will review
    experimental findings and translational outcomes, help prioritize
    investigations, review the coordination of collaborations, and evaluate
    concepts that emerge from the studies.

 Aim 4. Provide overall fiscal review,
accounting, and real time budgets analyses.

  • Service includes reports, verbal
    communications, reviews and projections on expenditures to provide superior
    Program management.