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DVM Transfer Application

Guidelines for Eligible DVM Transfer Applicant

The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine recognizes that on occasion there are unpredictable life circumstances that necessitate students transferring from one veterinary education institution to another. The college is open to consideration of applicants who find themselves in need to transfer under the following conditions:

  1. Provided there is an open position in a class for which the transfer applicant is qualified to join. Qualification is determined by the Associate Dean for Professional Programs, the Admissions Committee and/or the Council for Professional Education (curriculum committee).
  2. Provided the applicant is not on disciplinary or academic probation at the time of their application.
  3. Provided the applicant has not been previously dismissed from another veterinary program.
  4. Provided the applicant has completed at least one year (equivalent of two semesters) of the DVM curriculum at an AVMA COE accredited institution (U.S. or international).
  5. Provided the applicant can meet the minimum transfer requirements of the Ohio State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine DVM program.
  6. 3.0 GPA Minimum - must have achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.0 for all veterinary degree courses taken. Undergraduate academic performance will also be evaluated using the general admissions application criteria.

Application process

Students who are interested in transferring into the DVM program should contact the Office of Admissions and complete the online application. The applicant must pay a one-time non-refundable administrative fee of $60 US (domestic) and $70 US (international).

The Office of Admissions will forward complete applications to the Associate Dean for Professional Programs and the Admissions Committee for further consideration.

1. If there are open positions in an appropriate DVM class at the college, the transfer applicant will be informed of the application materials that are needed by the Office of Admissions.

2. If there are no open positions in an appropriate DVM class at the college, the transfer applicant will be informed by the Office of Admissions that the applicant will not be considered at this time (based upon availability).

 Transfer applicants are responsible for submitting:

A. current academic transcripts including veterinary and pre-veterinary courses;

B. a personal statement on why they wish to be considered for transfer;

C. a letter from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (or equivalent) at their current veterinary institution that speaks to the student’s abilities, academic/disciplinary standing and provides their support for transfer;

D. a letter from a faculty member at the applicant’s institution who has taught the transfer applicant during the past year. The letter should speak to the student’s interaction with peers, academic ability, and any other comments that the faculty member feels important to relay to the committee;

E. any other personal information that might be supportive of the applicant’s transfer application.

Note: The College may request further information regarding course or program outcomes/content to allow comparison between the institution the applicant is currently enrolled in and the Ohio State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

Review process

Upon receipt of all application materials, the Associate Dean for Professional Programs will present each applicant to the admissions committee for an in-depth review. Three outcomes are possible:

  1. The applicant is invited for an interview. The Admissions Committee members will be responsible for conducting these interviews and applicants would be scored upon the same rubric used to assess all applicants applying for the DVM program.
  2. The applicant is not invited to interview and the admissions office will formally notify the applicant of the decision (denial) in writing.
  3. The applicant is eligible to interview however there are more applicants than positions currently open in the program. This will result in a waitlist created in which students will be ranked according to the Admissions Committee review process. Students will not be informed of their position on the waitlist.


An interview will help determine if a student will receive an offer by assessing non-academic attributes that factor into the decision-making. If the student is unable to attend in person, the admissions office will make appropriate accommodations to interview the student remotely instead.

Final Decision

Provided by the Associate Dean for Professional Programs in writing.

Accepting the Decision

Students will have seven (7) business days from the offer date to confirm their acceptance in writing. An enrollment deposit must be submitted.


Students interested in applying to transfer at the beginning of their clinical year need to include their anticipated start date in their application.  Final decisions regarding transfer applications will be communicated to applicants by July 1. College staff will work with students accepted for transfer individually for scheduling and orientation.

Scholarship Funding

Transfer applicants are not typically eligible for academic scholarships offered by the college at time of acceptance.  

Questions regarding this process or your application should be directed to the admissions office at 614-292-1171 or by emailing: