On-Farm Equine Theriogenology Services

The Theriogenology and Reproductive Medicine Service at the Veterinary Medical Center is offering on-farm, equine ambulatory services to referring veterinarians within a 30-mile radius of our Columbus, Ohio location. For locations outside of this service area, please call to discuss availability and additional fees.  Our contact phone is 614-292-7397.  Equine on-farm/ambulatory services include:

On-Farm Mare Services

  • Breeding management and artificial insemination with fresh, shipped, cooled or frozen semen.
  • Infertility work-up
  • Pre-purchase breeding soundness evaluation
  • Treatment of uterine diseases
  • Pregnancy diagnosis and fetal well-being
  • Fetal sexing: know gender of expected foal as early as 60 days post-breeding
  • Twin reduction
  • Embryo transfer
  • Management of high-risk pregnancies
  • Post-foaling exam of mare and foal

On-Farm Stallion Services

  • Evaluation of subfertile stallions
  • Complete breeding soundness evaluations
  • Routine semen collection and processing for shipment of cooled semem
  • Stallion training for artificial semen collection
  • State-of-the-art semen analysis
  • Semen freezing