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  • Veterinary Medical Center services, emergency, urgent care
    Update to VMC access and services as of 3/20/20
    VMC seeing urgent specialty, 24/7 emergency and veterinary urgent care only as of 5pm Friday, March 20, 2020 until further notice. Drop-off only.
  • Helpful horses
    The Equine Field Services team received a little help from some friends while treating an ill horse in the field.
  • Available at VMC-Columbus: 3 Tesla magnet MRI
    The Veterinary Medical Center’s (VMC) campus location offers MRIservices on site!
  • Horses need regular dental check ups
    Your horse’s yearly dental checkup should involve a detailed oral exam using special dental tools designed for equine species.


The Ohio State University and the College of Veterinary Medicine are closely and continually monitoring the evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. As a result, The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center hospitals are taking additional precautionary measures by limiting cases being seen to veterinary emergencies, urgent specialty care and after-hour urgent care. No new specialty appointments are being made at this time.

The Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue chose the name “Turner” for a horse they found in need of a necessary corrective surgery because they were able to help him “turn the page” to a new chapter of his life.