Who will be caring for my animals?


Licensed, Board-Certified Veterinarians

Our faculty veterinarians have completed a rigorous postgraduate certification process that is sanctioned by the organization governing each specialty discipline of veterinary medicine. For example, a board-certified internist has received additional specialty training in the discipline of Internal Medicine and has been certified by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine.

Residents: Licensed Veterinarians who are in a Residency Program

These veterinarians have completed veterinary school, an internship and/or spent time in private veterinary practice, and are now completing a three-year, specialized veterinary training program.

Interns: Licensed Veterinarians who are in an Internship Program

These veterinarians have completed veterinary school and are in their first or second year of fulltime clinical practice.

Registered Veterinary Technicians

Technicians are trained, licensed and registered to work under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian to assist in special procedures and patient care. Their role is very similar to the role nurses serve in human healthcare. Some of our technicians also have additional training and certification in a specialty field of veterinary medicine.

Senior Veterinary Students

The Ohio State VMC is an academic veterinary hospital that is part of the College of Veterinary Medicine. Veterinary students in their final year of veterinary school, spend the year in hands-on clinical training in the VMC, as well as other facilities including our Large Animal Service in Marysville, Ohio. Their work is directed by and closely supervised by a licensed veterinarian.-