Equine Internal Medicine

Our Services

The Equine Internal Medicine Service within the Galbreath Equine Center at the Ohio State University offers state-of-the-art comprehensive diagnosis and care of all equids, including but not limited to horses, ponies and foals. Each Internal Medicine faculty sees all types of medicine cases and is equipped to handle routine and complex conditions, including colic, diarrhea, peritonitis, pneumonia, neurologic disease, cardiorespiratory disease, cancer, infectious disease, endocrine disease, geriatric disease, and neonatal disorders. Each faculty member also has special areas of interest.

Service Highlights

  • Four ACVIM board-certified specialists in equine internal medicine
  • State-of-the-art hospital facilities, including intensive care unit staffed 24 hours/day by certified animal health technicians.
  • Full-service examinations
  • Neurologic examinations and diagnostic procedures
  • Endoscopy, including gastric endoscopy
  • Colic and gastrointestinal disorders
  • Neonatal intensive care
  • Specialist clinics in ophthalmology, cardiology, and dermatology staffed by boarded specialists in these disciplines
  • Isolation and quarantine facilities approved by American Veterinary Medical Association (9 stalls)
  • Support services: diagnostic imaging/radiology, ophthalmology, anesthesiology, reproductive care, cardiology

What to Expect

Each patient is cared for by an internal medicine team: a board-certified veterinarian with many years of experience, registered veterinary technicians, a resident (a veterinarian who is training to become a specialist), and fourth-year veterinary students. For more serious or unusual cases, additional personnel including anesthesiologists, cardiologists, radiologists, surgeons, and ophthalmologists are available at any time to expedite advanced diagnostic procedures and treatments. Our team approach to patient care ensures that many experts and highly skilled technical staff are supporting your horse's care to restore health as quickly as possible.

During your animal's visit to the Galbreath Equine Center, you will be greeted by a senior veterinary student and technician who will ensure that your horse is safely placed in a stall or examination room. The senior student will ask you a series of questions regarding your horse's illness, housing, vaccination, and deworming history. Your horse's history is an important part of determining the cause of your animal's illness and will help us to make your horse comfortable should hospitalization be required. You may find that the senior clinician or resident asks similar questions. The horse will then be examined and a plan made for further investigation or treatment. This plan, and the associated costs, will be discussed with you at this time.

We endeavor to provide same-day service whenever possible, and will attempt to schedule radiographs or other examinations to occur the day of your visit, however, some horses will require hospitalization for further diagnostic investigation and/or for treatment and monitoring. Outpatient visits may take most of the day, depending on the nature of your horse's problem and the need for further testing. Results of most examinations, including blood work and imaging, are available the same day.



  • Myriah Albrecht, DVM
  • Sarah Mazur, DVM
  • Amanda (Mandy) Samuels, DVM
  • Allison Thriffiley, DVM


  • Elise Francis, DVM
  • Kate Meyer, DVM
  • Hannah Weinberg, DVM

Registered Veterinary Technicians

  • Mandy Hutcheson, RVT, Service Supervisor
  • Lindsay Malley, RVT


Payment is expected at the time of your visit. Please read our payment policy for complete information.

All equine inpatient cases (animals staying overnight at least one night) are required to pay a deposit at the time the animal is admitted to the hospital. Payment is due upon release of an inpatient from the hospital. See Your Visit for more information.