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  • Her appointment is effective April 16
    Congratulations to Dr. Bertone!
  • The Legacy Maker
    Alumnus helped provide thousands of African Americans access to a veterinary medical education.
  • Economic and Social Impact Reports
    The 2017 Veterinary Medicine in Ohio Impact Reports are now available!
  • 2017 AAAS Fellow
    2017 AAAS Fellow
    Dr. Li Wu is elected as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
Healthy animals... healthy people
Commitment to Diversity
Health and Wellness
Research Programs


Dr. Li Wu, professor of veterinary biosciences and microbial infection and immunity in Ohio State’s Center for Retrovirus Research and his team were featured in Ohio State News for their discovery of a new method in combating diseases such as HIV infection
Dr. Roger Fingland was chosen as the recipient of the 2017 American Association of Veterinary Clinicians (AAVC) Clinical Faculty Achievement Award.
The College of Veterinary Medicine Zoo Club hosted its first Reptile Mini-Symposium to a group of interested students. The event featured unique lectures and labs that provided students with continuing education and training in reptile medicine.