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Scholarships for Veterinary Students

Alec and Ripley

Did you know that the average student debt load for a graduate of veterinary medicine now exceeds $150,000? Though Ohio State strives to keep costs down, our hard-working veterinary students need new sources of scholarship support. 

Making dreams come true 

The dream of becoming a veterinarian often begins in childhood. Your support can make this dream a reality. Ohio State's top-notch College of Veterinary Medicine- ranked fifth in the country - loses as many as three in-state student applicants every year because they cannot afford tuition. Scholarships can be the single determining factor in which college is the most capable students choose. 

Only the best and brightest students succeed in competitive programs like Ohio State's Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program. By providing financial support, we remove at least one obstacle for them. 

Joey Abbruzzese and her dog Tully

How can you help? 

Please consider donating to scholarships today to help left this financial burden from our committed, caring veterinary students.

Currently, Ohio State has 650 veterinary students; just one-third receives donor-supported scholarships. Despite their overall debt load, we are typically only able to offer students an average of $1,700 per year. 

Our goal is to provide scholarship support to every student. Even one scholarship has an exponential effect, as countless animal and human lives are touched by the compassionate expert in veterinary medicine this scholarship recipient becomes. 

Scholarships can be given annually through a current-use gift or in perpetuity through and endowed fund. 

Unlike current-use gifts, endowed funds are invested. Only a percentage of the investment income is spent annually. This means that your endowed scholarship will continue to support students year after year, generation after generation. 

Call 614-688-8433 to learn more. You can make a critical difference for the future leaders of veterinary medicine - like Alec and Joey- today.